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AI Payment Platform that Optimizes on the First Pass

Optimization & orchestration tailored and adaptable to maximize your collection rates.

Empowering Merchants to Maximize Revenue and Reduce Churn

There is nothing new about the multitude of subscription payment companies that say they offer revenue lift or reduce involuntary churn. However, the reality is they still treat all payments the same or offer very limited segmenting to processor choices.

In contrast, Revolv3’s approach stands out due to its meticulous treatment of each payment authorization request and a pricing model that partners with the merchant’s success.

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Revolv3’s payment platform evaluates all payment request data, including:

Split Customer information Funding

Payment details

Subscription/Product SKUs

Split Order details Funding

Each payment transaction is processed in real-time through an AI engine to determine the optimal route for the payment authorization request, maximizing the likelihood of approval. Revolv3 leverages multiple processor integrations, and our best-in-class platform instantly becomes the merchant’s solution. This innovative and unique approach significantly decreases the number of initial payments declined while recovering more declined payments.

The Most Advanced Payment Features on the Market

Transform payments from a cost-center to a catalyst for revenue growth

Dynamic Routing

Payments are routed based off Revolv3's proprietary payment expertise.

AI & ML for Intelligent Routing

Revolv3’s Artificial Intelligence monitors transactions in real-time, adjusting logic to ensure the highest rate of approval

Intelligent Retry Logic

When a payment is declined, decline data is seamlessly integrated into the AI engine and payment request and reprocessed, opening up new avenues to capture that revenue effectively.

PINLess Debit Routing

Revolv3 uses both BIN and Account range to determine the best debit network to utilize for the transaction.

Network & Processor Tokens

Seamless and accurate flow of information through every step of your payment chain prevents false declines.

Revolv3 Plus

Your partner in payments will continually consult and adapt your solution to overcome payment challenges.

Choreographs the Complex

Direct Integrations with the Best In Class Payment Providers

Cross Processor

Cross Processor Retry will attempt a decline on a second processor or Network before responding to the merchant to keep more of the money they’ve earned.

Account Validation

Account Validation and direct integrations deliver better payment data to the issuer.

Maximize Revenue Earned

Reduces invalid declines, allowing merchants to keep more of the money they’ve earned.

Enhance Collection Rates

Lowers involuntary churn related to declines and outdated customer info

Optimizing Transaction Approvals

Revolv3’s Artificial Intelligence monitors transactions in real-time, adjusting logic to ensure the highest rate of approval

Configurability meets complexity

User Stories & Testimonials

"Revolv3 described how their payment platform first analyzes the data, packages it, then intelligently routes the payment to the processor with the highest likelihood of success. What makes their payment platform superior is focusing on the first pass, not retrying or dunning. We have saved 50% on processing costs and now have a stable and robust solution."

Lindsay, CEO, Tax Relief Advocates

"Since partnering with Revolv3, we've seen a dramatic boost in our approval rates, which has made us so much more profitable. We’ve tested dozens of payment platforms and Revolv3 continues to be the industry leader when it comes to approval rates. Thank you to Robert, Nathan, Hunter, and the entire team for their exceptional support and commitment to innovation in this industry."

Founder of an E-Commerce Giant

“Our partnership with Revolv3 has been nothing short of transformative revenue growth. The integration was smooth and non-disruptive, which was a major concern for us. We’ve seen a substantial reduction in customer churn—57%—and a significant 40% increase in monthly recurring revenue."

CEO of a leading healthcare E-Commerce company

Payment Optimization & Orchestration FAQ

More options create a more rewarding customer experience.

What are Network and Processor tokens?
My business currently uses Stripe, why should I consider Revolv3 and how difficult will it be for me to switch?
How does Revolv3 optimize recurring payments better than other platforms?
What is Dynamic Routing and how does it help me?

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