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Revolv3 announces $4.5 Million Seed Round Funding

November 11, 2022
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Revolv3 announces $4.5 Million Seed Round Funding

Revolv3’s platform drives incremental payment capture for subscription billing while saving on transaction processing fees 

Laguna Beach, CA – 28 July 2022: Revolv3 announces that Rosecliff Ventures and an angel investor have invested $4.5 Million USD in seed money in the recurring billing solutions company. Revolv3’s unique platform drives incremental profits for merchants by maximizing cards on file settlement rates for recurring billing transactions while minimizing transaction attempts, thus eliminating additional transaction fees. Revolv3 is led by Frank Arellano, who brings 20+ years of proven success blending visionary insight and strategizing global change initiatives, specifically in the subscription billing space. Arellano was most recently Vice President - Business Operations at Experian Consumer Services, where he oversaw over half of a billion-dollar portfolio of subscription billing products.  

“The common thread in the subscription billing industry is that merchants don’t have time or resources to focus on improving their recurring billing payment capture,” says Frank Arellano, Founder of Revolv3. “So we developed an easy to use platform that does all the work for them, resulting in incremental revenue while reducing card processing fees.”

Revolv3’s recurring billing platform is a simpler, more agile solution for e-commerce merchants offering subscription billing products. It encourages approvals by minimizing the incentive for multiple transaction attempts, so the merchant is only charged for successful charge attempts, never failures. According to Visa and Mastercard in a July 29, 2021 report, an average of 15% of recurring payments are declined and for some industries that rate can be as high as 30%. 

The Revolv3 platform maximizes recurring billing payment captures by identifying and analyzing data used by each bank card processor and issuer in real-time to optimize recurring and recycled attempts, resulting in improved payment capture rates by as much as 14%. For developers, Revolv3’s machine learning backend is easily configurable within the platform via the portal or the APIs and is designed for the level of customization and granularity necessary to efficiently manage subscription billing payment capture and support e-commerce merchants as they scale and optimize their subscription business.

Plans for this investment include further building out the platform for advanced features and increasing the scope of the product roadmap. Some of the features include network and payment processor data optimization, intelligent payment and processor routing, enhanced platform security and payment network compliance, digital wallets, accounting systems, e-commerce platforms and CRM integrations. 

Rosecliff Ventures invests in rapidly growing companies developing disruptive technologies in the financial, healthcare, consumer, and software industries

“Revolv3 brings value to the merchant with their developing technologies, driving revenue with improved card-on-file payment capture. We’re excited about Revolv3’s growth opportunities and believe in this team,” says Michael Caso, Rosecliff Ventures Managing Partner.

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About Revolv3
Founded in 2020, Revolv3 is a payment optimization company that makes more money for online merchants with recurring billing. Revolv3’s specialized SaaS platform technology ensures the highest credit card approval rates in the industry.  Higher approval rates mean more revenue and less customer churn, all at a lower cost.

About Rosecliff
Rosecliff is a diversified investment management firm based in New York City with over $1 billion in assets under management and operates multiple investment strategies, including credit, venture capital, and private equity. Investment criteria include early-stage seed, growth equity, secondary transactions, late-stage investing, structured and direct credit, debt financing, PIPEs, SPACs.

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