Estimate the Cost of using Stripe with our
Stripe Fee Calculator

Revolv3 presents the Stripe fee calculator: a simple tool that will help estimate how much you will spend on Stripe’s processing fees, while also showing how much you can save by using Revolv3’s payment processing platform instead!

Stripe is great for ease of use but the platform is both costly and challenging to reconcile. Our AI-powered payment processing platform can help.

Revolv3 streamlines payment authorization, optimizes approvals, and provides the highest level of PCI compliance features. You’ll see a sharp reduction in customer churn and a boost in revenue.

How to Use the Stripe fee calculator

To get started, just enter your monthly recurring revenue and your average transaction amount. Our Stripe calculator crunches the numbers for you and produces a savings estimate based on your provided information.

Stripe Calculator FAQ

How Revolv3 Compares to Stripe

Here’s a little more about how our cutting-edge payment platform uses the power of AI to transform your recurring billing with Stripe.

Revolv3 optimizes approvals

Revolv3’s payment platform leverages cutting-edge AI algorithms to optimize payment approvals on the very first attempt. Many subscription billing options lack the capability to approve payments on the first attempt. While some are designed for easy onboarding, they struggle to keep up with the ever-changing rules set by banks, Visa, MasterCard, and processors. 

Our cutting-edge technology drastically reduces transaction declines. You’ll see a significant uptick in successful authorizations and a reduced customer churn. That means greater revenue for your business and a stronger relationship with customers.

Over time, you can expect to see greater customer satisfaction and loyalty. That’s likely to translate to a boost in your bottom line, too.

“Revolv3 is the most intelligent platform on the market. Other players, like Stripe, simply retry payments, and use dunning, which often leads to high voluntary churn. With Revolv3, we are not limited by obsolete gateways, because we are directly integrated with the best-in-class payment processors, including Worldpay and Adyen.”

Jeremy, Director of Operations, Guardian Tax

Revolv3 only charges for approved transactions

The payment processing industry often follows a standard of imposing exorbitant fees on all transactions, even those that are declined. These “solutions” charge for every transaction, including retries, network tokens, and various other platform features.

Revolv3 takes away the concern of hidden fees that often come with other solutions. Our pricing is straightforward and transparent, charging for only approved transactions. Our platform is meticulously crafted on bank and processor regulations, combined with cutting-edge machine learning and AI, resulting in the industry's highest approval rates. We have complete confidence in our platform and only charge for payment approvals.

Revolv3 offers transparent reporting 

Armed with easy-to-understand reports and truth in costs, merchants are pleased with the transparency of data and the personal support Revolv3 provides. Revolv3’s reporting provides a clear view of recurring payments, enabling merchants to make the best strategic decisions for their business.  

Revolv3 offers white glove support

Our team of payment experts provides technical assistance to ensure the success of your business. At Revolv3, we strive to offer white-glove customer service with fast response times and personalized solutions for enterprises and small businesses that are scaling. Our team of payment experts provides support from onboarding to success. 

Our team is always available to offer our expertise and will work with you to help you get the most out of your payments. We are passionate about helping merchants succeed and strive daily for customer success.

The Bottom Line

Our payment processing solution offers customers an intuitive, convenient, and easy way to make recurring payments. Our solution provides a smooth and pleasant customer experience by eliminating unnecessary fees and providing easy-to-understand reporting. This leads to an uptick in customer satisfaction and, over time, greater customer loyalty and referrals.

Our payment platform optimizes your approval rates, which means you collect more significant revenue, all while saving on payment processing costs.

Ready to learn more? Take the next step by using our Stripe fee calculator and finding out how much your business can save by implementing the Revolv3 payment processing solution.

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