Simple Fee Structure

Stop paying for nothing.

The competition will nickel and dime you with fees every step of the way. Not Revolv3; you only pay for approvals.

  • No Platform Fees
  • No share of your revenue
  • No per user fees
  • No Revolv3 transaction fees on declined transactions
  • No fees per Authorization (attempt to bill)
  • No fees per API call (aggregate for all services in suite)
  • No overages or extra costs for going over your tier
  • No implementation fees to configure system and integration
  • Processing fees are not part of Revolv3 platform fees
Simple Fee StructureRevolv3 - Dots
Less than 100,000
monthly approvals
Revolv3 - Dots


transaction fee for approval
100,001 – 500,000
monthly approvals
Revolv3 - Dots


transaction fee for approval
Greater than 500,001
monthly approvals
Revolv3 - Dots


transaction fee for approval

Our unique billing model encourages approvals by minimizing the incentive for multiple transaction attempts. Meaning you're only charged for successful charge attempts, never for failures.

Revolv3 - Dots

Our goals are aligned.

Paying per attempt for a company that claims to optimize approvals? We think that’s weird too so we charge only on approvals.

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